We are ready. You too? The QueerBienne StammTisch is going into a new round! ook forward to seeing the QueerBienne family again and having one, two, three or even four drinks with us. In the month of February 2022, we will return with you to the origin of QueerBienne and celebrate the return to normality…
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QueerBienne January 2022

19.02.2022 Weissenstein Sledding 2022 “Eiiiiiis, zwöööööiiii, drüüüüüüüü! Go!” that’s about what the Jamaican bobsled team said in the movie Cool Runnings when you first went down the bobsled run. Being there is everything. This is also the motto of this year’s QueerBienne sledding event. Ski down the mountain together and play together in the snow.…
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LGBTQIA+ Hike 2021

Already heard of these places but never been there? We give you the opportunity to go on a hike with QueerBienne, which will show you the most beautiful places in the region. Not only do we want to spread the love of the community by land, but also by water. A short boat trip across Lake Biel rounds off the fun, exciting round.

Le bouquet final

Next Sunday, September 26th will be a historic day for Switzerland