QueerBienne October 21

QueerBienne October 21


Before Halloween, we meet for an evening not yet so spooky. The QueerBienne StammTisch of the month of October brings us not only closer to the cold season but also to the beautifully spooky weekend.

No dressing up is called for, but a cozy evening with drinks and food!

Come to the Lago Lodgetonight from 19:00 and enjoy the atmosphere in the QueerBienne family.


Due to the directives of the Federal Council, restoration businesses are obliged to check a valid Corona certificate. Otherwise, the restoration businesses will not grant admission. QueerBienne tries to organize events that are accessible to all, as far as possible. In this case it is not possible due to the temperatures.

From left: David Meyer, Samuel Dolt, Alessandro Wenger, Rafael Meier, Naomi Rey, Daniela Vogt

Full speed ahead into 2022

QueerBienne has a birthday soon and celebrates with you the 2-year anniversary. Together we were able to achieve a lot. Not only the numerous QueerBienne events, but after 10 years we celebrated the first Pride in this fascinating city.

Friends that we met at QueerBienne are already a kind of family, outside of the family. We lived together not only beautiful moments, but now and then also sad ones. A sign that you all play an important role in Biel, in Switzerland and in the world.

The QueerBienne board met to talk about the future of the association we all love. What more do we want to offer you? What changes do we want to make and how do we manage to become an even bigger family?

Many things were decided and we promise: 2022 will be an exciting and interesting year.

We are looking forward to more! More events, more feelings and especially more QueerBienne family!

2022: The association is ready. You too?

Invite your friends!

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