Pride 2021

Pride Biel/Bienne 2021

“June and July are each the most important months in the fight for equality,” says David Meyer of QueerBienne and co-initiator of the Biel Pride movement 2021, “During these months thousands of people around the globe demonstrate. The Corona crisis led to important events in 2020 being cancelled or postponed. “More important than ever to reach out to marginalized groups. Not only the LGBTQIA+ community has to do without a lot. This shows that racism still has an important place in the population. ” says Rafael Meier, president of QueerBienne. Therefore the association has decided to hold a Pride Biel/Bienne in 2021.

The logo of Pride Biel/Bienne should represent the cohesion of the LGBTQIA+ community in the world. It reflects a colorful world, on which all countries, continents and people have a place. This logo with the rainbow-coloured world also opens the door to the motto.

“The motto of next year’s Pride Biel/Bienne should show that the LGBTQIA+ community is one family, sticks together and pursues the same goals worldwide. Furthermore, this motto says that we as representatives of the community do not tolerate racism and violence in any form”, the association says. The motto also underlines that equality in marriage and family law is overdue.

The Pride Biel/Bienne 2021 was officially applied for on August 8, 2020 with seven different associations. The date will be announced at a later date due to the still uncertain corona virus course.

Be there and write the history of Biel/Bienne.