Marriage for all raffle

Marriage for all raffle

The results of the Marriage for All raffle have now been officially drawn. Congratulations!

Prices 1-10*

  1. 200
  2. 367
  3. 151
  4. 396
  5. 251
  6. 8
  7. 141
  8. 47
  9. 135
  10. 160

Consolation prizes*

  1. 395
  2. 269

Main prizes!*

The following numbers won the 2 main prizes!

  1. 217
  2. 285

All winners of the raffle tickets drawn above will contact the organizers of the Marriage for All Raffle 2021 as follows.

Step 1
Take a photo of your lot

Step 2
Write an email with your address, the picture of the lot and your name to the following email address:

The Marriage for All Committee will contact you as soon as possible.

Latest submission of prizes: November 30, 2021


The association QueerBienne abstains regarding the organization of the raffle. Any liability towards the association is excluded. Complaints, inquiries and legal claims should be addressed to the appropriate committee “Marriage for All – Biel Region”. QueerBienne may release contact information upon explicit and justified request. The raffle is subject to the Swiss Gaming Act and the organizers have applied accordingly to the competent authority.

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