Infos from the president

Dear subscriber

It’s a real joy that on February the 9th, the Swiss voters accepted the extension of the anti-racism norm. The Swiss people greatly contributed to the harmonisation of personhood with its “Yes to protection from hatred”. In the context of the poll, homophobia was officially thematised as a problem of our society and Switzerland acknowledged homo- and bisexual people as a minority which must be protected. Marginalization of minorities and violence, be it psychological, verbal or physical, is a global problem exacerbating our living in peace with ourselves and the world. I want to thank all the voters once again for this success! We’re looking at a very bright future.

With the founding of the association QueerBienne at the end of last year our group was able to set a milestone as stakeholder of the LGBTQIA+ people of Biel/Bienne. The association elected me as president at our foundation assembly. I am overjoyed to be allowed to bear this responsibility alongside Christopher Lienemann, our French speaking vice president. Time and again I can see how much blood, sweat and tears our group puts into QueerBienne and the revival of the queer scene of Biel/Bienne. The main reason, though, why I champion QueerBienne are all of you. The first QueerBienne event was a grilling in July of the last year. Even though I haven’t met most of our group up to that point I felt comfortable from the get-go. Several other events followed, as for example the boat trip from Thun to Bern, the Geneva Pride, the Angels Black Party in Zurich and the Christmas dinner at the “Haus pour Bienne”. I envision the striving for a more public queer life instead of it taking place only on dating apps, at discos or behind closed doors as a worthwhile goal. That’s why we want to reach more publicity and make QueerBienne accessible for as many people as possible.

We already have several projects in the pipeline on which we regretfully can’t say any more, though, as long as they’re still in such early stages of development. In due time we’ll inform you at our monthly regulars’ table or on social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or on our homepage). We’re looking forward to a 2020 with many new and pleasant experiences and interesting encounters!

Kindest regards

Rafael Meier